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One day, I was strolling the road after finishing a short blood work from a maternity hospital in one city of the foreign country which I am no citizen if her. Suddenly I found an urge to have some fruits, in particular, I am looking for good juicy oranges. Less than few minutes I have seen a cart with deliciously attractive oranges. I made a stop and came the seller of the delicious oranges. I purchased few kilograms of the oranges and went home. 

However, my heart was torn into thousands of pieces. Its really broke my heart and I did silently cry without tears.  I remember the seller who is young and at the schooling age, might be around 13 or 14 years old, standing under the hot sun in dirty attire and trying his best to make a living. The face and hardship of the teenage who lost their playful time to earn to ensure some food will be on his family plate secured, surely trust my soul with sadness. How a childhood and chance to have a good education was ripped apart due to poverty and hardship inherited from the parents. 

The teenager with the oranges cart, reminding me of the true purpose of humanity and kindness where most our human leaders had forgotten about it. Yes, politician and government bodies are there to take care the fate of the younger generation but preaching without action just resulted in no improvement. To add more salt on the wound, I too found out, some children and teenagers were sent out to work under the hot sun and whenever they earn some income, the father especially will rob the money to buy some good for nothing liquor. 

Suddenly came into my mind a question, are the poverty is actually imposed towards the children and teenagers by their irresponsible parents especially the drunken father? Are this kind of humiliated action is still acceptable in human society? Or the society had decided to turn eyes blind towards ones suffering because they rather pretend of not knowing, not aware of other children or teenagers suffering in order to avoid giving help?

In this modern and civilized society, I do wonder, what kind of chance the teenager with the orange cart will stand to mobilize his poverty and hardship? Who is among the rich, the politician or the member of society is willing to give hand and save him from the punishment of being born in poverty? Do we really want to save the blooming generation from unfair hardship and shape a new future for them?

If the people who speak the same language with such unfortunate children and teenagers could spread their kindness by providing a new way to enhance their life, I think I will not be able to see such situation. But I cant simply point my finger at anyone or any entity as do understand, to change the rotation of poverty is the hardest task. But if one step could be taken at one time, miracle and magic will happen in no time.

In my past study and observation about poverty, this disease does not only affect people in third world countries but hit hard on first world country too. In fact, in the first world country, poverty among children and young are not low.  21% of children in the U.S. live in families that are considered officially poor. Child poverty rates are highest among black, Latino, and American Indian children. Across the states, official child poverty rates range from 11% in New Hampshire to 32% in Mississippi. (Data from NCCP Organization)

UNICEF did have the data that show that children are representing half of the world’s extremely poor and yet over 900 million people (1 in 7 people – are still living in extreme poverty) Majority of them are the children and teenagers. The latest data tells us that 47 percent of those living in extreme poverty are 18 years old or younger. and its too included  26 million children at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the European Union. 

If we want to end poverty one day, we need to focus on them. Eradication of the poverty will come to the end and  I believe its only can be done with the skill-development program. placement in a free education institution, counseling to the parents and chance via placement in industrial training once they are ready and eligible. Empowerment with a sustainable support shall enable us to combat the poverty among children and finally secure our vulnerable member of society with better future and chance.  

"Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit." (Eli Khamarov, writer )


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