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Do we love ourselves?

The main and critical question used to be presented to people when coming to choice and preference but the core question seldom been uttered such " Do we love the condition of ourselves" 

Why are we talking about the condition of ourselves? It's beyond basic requirement such how much money one's have or how comfortable the shelter one's in. The condition of ourselves is our ability to make peace with whatever we have and requires no particular standard. 

Some readers might be aware of the harsh reality of life where nothing is fair and no justice serves without effort. Differences and separation of cultural, race and regional could bring few significant effects toward the motivation of life. Therefore the path of obtaining the love of living condition will be varieties.   

Few reasons are listed below for the readers to understand the direction of love the condition of ourselves:

  1. Are we happy with our current life fulfillment? Are we feeling lacking something that could motivate us to be a better creature and good human being?

  2. Do we content with our inner peace? ( Of course, we are not talking about greed, envious thought, and human lust or other negativity in life)

  3. What is our state of existence? Do we find the fine line between the material world and true spirit of humanity?

  4. How we define love per se? Intrinsically, human bound to evolve around kindness but we can't avoid from facing ugly action from human-brotherhood.  The bad experience could turn a good man to be an evil creature because this is a reflection of loveless action that affects the whole system of kindness and inner peace. 

  5. What is our last hope before we go to final rest after the final meal? Do we do justice to ourselves while we are living this life and do we attain the true meaning of love before we die?

I believe by understanding the real concept of love and loving the condition of ourselves, people could obtain a good quality of life and living without regret. Envision of happiness is the part reaching true meaning of life. Happiness is not about the matter of material comfort, but its purely positive state-of-mind and tranquility within one's soul. 

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