Malaya Roses

We are currently looking at the reflection of the materialistic world that deceptively promising and seems to be full of potential. Ambition and hope was planted into our mind and it been patterned in such way that we are obliged to look into that materialistic direction. Been feed, on daily basis , we are indirectly mimicking the common pattern of materialism into our way of life. Wealth and financial strength become an ultimate dream of success. Sub-consciously, we've been sheep around to embrace, accept and concur the materialistic demographic profile, silently. We are intrinsically become the common follower hedonism splash. Its full of colors, shines and sparkles that blinded us from looking into the other way of living this life. One route is domination other route and it is almost absolute.

Materialistic world is the real temptative path as comfort, placate and acceptance by society will be coming along. Our wealth is the major and the utmost attraction. It becoming trending without doubt as material possession attract attention and flamboyant way of life that made many people paying attention to be with and to be around us at any time. This is due to the patterned had been set and had been accepted as a norm of successes and happiness. Without material presence, one shall not be fully respected and one is consider unwanted. Material wealth is must and need to be shown as part of everyone's limelight. Materialistic way of life is been mistake with the symbol of the achievement in this current civilization.

The deep influence about the power of the material world can be seen within all walks of life We are becoming part of the ignorant group that will no longer practicing random act of kindness. We are on the wheel of spin that believe that the character and impression must be built by the material impression hence good deeds, compassion and kindness almost become obsolete. The thrust of the material become too deep into human value and successfully devalue the good  humanity from our current perspective. Our ambition is colored in such way where doctors are no longer wanted to save lives, lawyers no longer care about justice, farmers are not interested in providing source of food and, charity is fake with money motivated; they just after and about money, profit, fame and financial benefits.   

We had been subdue to agree without question for each and every counter-kindness habit and practice. Our life routine becoming the center of material world fulfillment where greed and selfishness are living symbioses but parasitic to all benevolence seed. The nourishment of the material importance, been flowing , unlimited and unrestricted into our soul with zero objection or rejection. Fusion of the ostentatious life has been repeatedly compressed into our mind and we been tingle to embrace and   hold hard to such in order to survive society and needs.   

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